Medical success with 200 years tradition


How it all began

The Golden era of Health Spa Piešťany started in 1889 when their owner at that time - the aristocratic Erdody family - rented out the Spa to another family - the Winters. It was the Winters family who introduced to the world the Crutch-breaker - the symbol of Health Spa Piešťany, They modernized and promoted the Pie??any Spa, which later became world-famous and one of the most prominent spa curative places in the world.

The healing effects of Piešťany's water and mud

The healing effects of sulphuric mud and sulphuric thermal water in Spa Piešťany are unique; among others, they helps reduce joint swelling, lessen pain caused by muscle strain, improve nourishment of intervertebral discs and joint cartilages, and heighten flexibility and elasticity of ligaments. They also increase anti-inflammatory activity; adjust immunity capacities of the body; literally decelerate aging of flexible and elastic parts of the musculoskeletal system. The sulfuric mud and sulphuric thermal water even enable regeneration of damaged cartilages and slow down degenerative joint abrasion. As a result, pain decreases and mobility joints and spine increases.

The healing power of the human hand?s touch and the human heart

Health Spa Piešťany brings together one hundred years of balneology tradition with modern medicine. Balneotherapy, which is treatment that utilizes thermal water is combined with special other therapeutic, rehabilitation and physical treatments. Expert-supervised exercise, effective and pleasant massage and other techniques are applied by professionally trained rehabilitation staff. All this helps eliminate many problems easily and effectively, regardless of whether they are performed to relax stiff joints, relieve back pain, strengthen weakened or paralyzed muscles, or improve impaired mobility in every possible way.

Hotels offering everything under the one roof and on the one island

At present, there is a generously designed Spa in Piešťany with numerous spa hotel complexes, such as tbe 5 stars hotel Thermia Palace with its attached therapy centre Irma Health Spa , Balnea Esplanade Palace****, Balnea Splendid***, Balnea Grand***, and Pro Patria**. All these?? are located in the spa island with its beautiful Spa Park with everything under the one roof. Health Spa Piešťany applies the most modern balneology methods and the prescription of treatments is based on the latest scientific knowledge. A selection of more than 60 different possible treatments enables the spa doctor to put together an individual, made-to-measure therapy plan for each guest. The guest?s medical condition may improve significantly as a result of a two weeks spa therapy.

Health Spa Piešťany and its spa hotels have become a part of the Danubius Hotel Group in 2002. The group is the largest spa operator in Europe with hotels and spa resorts in Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Romania and the UK.

Politicians, Actors, Maharajahs, Shahs

The Spa acquired international prestige thanks to the far-sighted spirit and bold marketing practices of Ľudovít Winter. Many famous figures of European art, culture and politics visited the Spa; prominent guests met on the Spa Island. The Spa hosted a meeting of three emperors – the last Austro-Hungarian emperor Charles I met the German emperor William II and the Bulgarian tsar Ferdinand I. Among other famous and prominent guests who visited the Spa in the 20th century were Archduke Ferdinand of Tuscany, princess Pauline von Wurttemberg, Swedish Nobel prize winner Selma Lagerloff, diplomat and minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czechoslovak Republic Jan Masaryk, novelist Jaroslav Hasek – the author of the famous Private Svejk novels, renowned painter and graphic designer Alphonse Mucha, Indian maharajahs and Arabian shahs. During present time, many people of importance paid the spa a visit; for example, the Secretary General of the United Nations Ban Ki-Moon, presidents of the V4 group, the Prime Minister of Jordan Nader Al-Dahabi, Miroslav Ondříček – cameraman of Miloš Forman, one of the best directors in the world, world-famous actor of Czech origin Jan Tříska, and many others.

Why do the guests return?

Two-week complex therapeutic program in Health Spa Piešťany can give you renewed energy and a long period of feeling healthier in a better sharpe and youger.

That is what happened to the Crutch-breaker, who has since become the symbol of Piešťany.

The therapy here helped him so much that he no longer needed his crutch. Hence also the slogan used in the spa, 'Surge et ambula!' or, 'Stand up and walk'!  And many guests of Health Spa Piešťany have found out for themselves that it is not a mere marketing phrase; that it is no marketing trick; but a truth proven time over. And that is why they return to Piešťany again and again.



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