Medical tourism opportunity for Poland


A Medical Tourism Chamber of Commerce formed late last year for clinics offering medical services to foreigners. The aim is to develop the Polish tourism and medical market and promote it throughout the world.

The Chamber’s President Artur Gosk believes that medical tourism in Poland has a very good future. ”Today we can say with some certainty that the medical services market is a market that will be developing irrespective of world economic turbulence, and a product in the form of medical services that is price competitive and generally available will draw many patients. We are aware that it is a difficult task, but we have a good start. For the last few years, world medical tourism has been concentrated in such countries as Thailand, Turkey, Malta and India. New European Union countries such as Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland have also started to realise their potential. We know that the Polish medical market has a huge potential; we have many health centres specialising in rehabilitation and in the treatment of various diseases.

“Our private medical clinics are on a par with medical services offered abroad, and the medical staff in these centres is highly qualified. Seeing the potential in Polish health care, the Chamber wants to convert it into an export product. We talk to many institutions, both government and non-government institutions about the development of this field and we are often told that it is a niche product.”

The Medical Tourism Chamber of Commerce believes that a good climate exists to promote Polish medical tourism. Poland is in a good position to become a leader. Poland has two advantages. One is proximity of countries such as Britain, Germany and Ireland, Norway and Sweden, from which patients readily use medical tourism services and with which we have good transport links.

Another is the value of the Polish currency, which means that Poland is very competitive in terms of sales of medical tourism services. Now is a good time to invest in promotion so that Polish medical centres and health resorts are able to develop a reputation and a brand name.

The new organisation has developed a number of programmes to assist Polish medical centres in reaching the international market.



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