Medical tourism from Russia survey


The Autumn 2015 Moscow MedShow survey interviewed 428 show visitors to get a feel of what is happening on outbound Russian medical tourism.

Kim Waddoup of Moscow MedShow says, "With the geopolitical situation and the media frenzy, it is hard to obtain an accurate feeling of what is happening in Russia. Russians continue to look for treatment abroad and most are not affected by the exchange rate. I believe that the same number of Russian patients will travel abroad this year."

58% were prepared to pay between 10,000 and 25,000 Euro. A further 39% said treatment abroad should cost less than 10,000 Euro whilst 3% would pay in excess of 25,000 Euro.

65% will be travelling abroad within 2 to 6 months. 11% have chronic conditions so are looking to travel at the earliest opportunity

37% are looking for specific diagnosis and subsequent treatment while 21% seek surgery for a diagnosed condition. 21% seek cosmetic surgery and 13% need dental treatment.
52% want to go abroad for a higher quality of treatment and services, while 29% want to combine treatment and rest/recuperation. 14% seek to save money and 5% as are unable to obtain suitable treatment in Russia.

When looking at the countries they plan to go to Germany remains top with a staggering 29% of the market followed by Israel with 22%. Other places include Spain 6%, China 6%, UK 5%, South Korea 4%, Japan 4%, India 4%, Cyprus 4%, Switzerland, 4%, Hungary 4%, USA 3%, Austria % and Thailand 2%. 39 countries were mentioned as medical tourism destinations of interest.

38% stated that distance and convenient location are the primary motivators, 20% look for the quality and range of services provided. Recommendations from friends and acquaintances accounted for 18%, whilst for 12% the cost of the treatment was the primary factor. For only 9% was a doctor's recommendation important and 3% say advertising is the main factor.



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