Minimum requirements set for medical tourist facilities


The standard was put in place to guarantee that all healthcare services provided in the Emirate adhere to the highest quality, ensuring that patients visiting from abroad for treatment are well provided for. Under the standard, healthcare providers are required to meet a minimum set of requirements to be able to join the medical tourism network established by the DoH. 

The requirements include the acquisition of international accreditation, whereby each provider is required to obtain an international accreditation in the field of medical tourism in accordance with DoH's list of approved accreditations. The conditions also stipulate the need for policies and procedures to enable the facility to receive comments and complains from medical tourists, both before, during and after they have received treatment.

The Department of Health obliges healthcare facilities to periodically report on medical travellers. Details of patients who travel to Abu Dhabi to seek medical care must be recorded on the Abu Dhabi Department of Health’s Shafafiya e-portal. The portal eases record keeping of details on medical travellers, including their diagnosis, clinical symptoms, year of initial diagnosis and presence on admission.

Abu Dhabi Medical Tourism website lists 40 hospitals and clinics in the official medical tourism network, all of which adhere to the requirements of DoH’s quality framework (JAWDA) programme.



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