MTQUA first in Sri Lanka


Lanka Hospitals has become Sri Lanka’s first health care provider to achieve international medical tourism accreditation from the Medical Travel Quality Alliance (MTQUA).

Lanka Hospitals underwent a months-long evaluation that included in-depth interviews and a formal review of its operations, processes and procedures against international standards of quality in 10 non-clinical areas that directly influence a medical traveller’s wellbeing and outcomes.

The MTQUA evaluation team reviewed how the hospital manages a medical tourist through the inquiry process, intake and treatment, and care management after discharge. It reported on the hospital’s website and internet marketing, communications procedures, privacy and security measures, multicultural sensitivity, international patient services department, care support services and certain operations and business procedures that influence the quality of treatment and care a medical tourist receives.

Lanka Hospitals is accredited by Joint Commission International, and is an. 11-storey 350-bed multi-specialty tertiary care hospital with a helipad.

Sri Lanka is a tourist destination and seeks to promote medical tourism by regulation and accreditation.

2015 to 2020 is the period for a national master plan initiative on medical tourism. The Sri Lanka Export Development Board (EDB) runs the initiative. The EDB has appointed The Medical Travel Quality Alliance to evaluate medical tourism services in the Indian Ocean country.

Hospitals, clinics, Ayurvedic facilities, hotels and Spas will be assessed for quality standards and awarded international certification if complying with the imposed regulations.

Julie Munro of MTQUA says, “Medical tourists are traveling to get better, not to get frustrated, or cheated, so they need extra care, services and consideration, and trust their hospital or agent to deliver health services.”




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