National Institute of Statistics says 6,475 medical tourists during Q1 2018


Individuals who travel to Romania for medical treatment spent RON 4,100 (EUR 883) on average, according to the INS, as published in the Business Review.

Overall, they spent RON 26.5 million (EUR 5.7 million), of which RON 10.2 million (EUR 2.2 million) was on medical services.

NIS figures show a record 2.75 million foreign tourists in 2017.For the first half of 2018 numbers are static with many of the 1.59 million tourists from Europe. The main sources of foreign tourists in Romania in 2018 so far are Bulgaria, Germany, Israel Italy, France and Hungary.

Of the medical tourists in Romania, one in four is estimated to be Romanian diaspora. Most patients are from Italy and Spain, two countries with large Romanian communities.  View the IMTJ Country Report for more detail on medical tourism to Romania.



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