New country editions of Patients Beyond Borders


In July, American publisher Healthy Travel Media and the Association of Private Hospitals of Malaysia (APHM) will launch Patients Beyond Borders: Malaysia Edition, published in English for international distribution.

Produced in collaboration with Malaysia's Tourism Ministry and supported by hospitals and related private organisations, the 240-page guidebook will feature Malaysia's 20 plus international hospitals, selected health travel agents, nearby recovery and guest accommodations, and area travel information. The majority of medical tourists come from Indonesia, Singapore and Bangladesh, but Malaysia also attracts medical travellers from the US, Canada, UK, and Australia.

APHM members in the book include:

• Gleneagles Intan Medical Center

• Gleneagles Medical Center Penang

• National Heart Institute

• KPJ Healthcare Group

• NCI Cancer Hospital and Specialist Clinics

• Pantai Hospital Group.

• Penang Adventist Hospital

• Prince Court Medical Center

• Sime Darby Medical Center Subang Jaya

• Sunway Medical Center.

APHM represents more than 100 private hospitals and medical clinics approved and licensed by Malaysia's Ministry of Health. Of those, only around 30 private hospitals are directly involved in medical tourism.

Healthy Travel Media and the Accredited Hospitals Association of Turkey (AHAT) will launch Patients Beyond Borders: Turkey Edition, to be published in English in late 2009. Supported by Turkey's leading healthcare facilities, the 280-page guidebook will offer an in-depth overview of Turkey's leading American-accredited hospitals, selected health travel agents, accommodation, and essential medical travel information. The book will include details of fully accredited Turkish hospitals catering to the international patient.

The main nationalities going to Turkey are German, American, Dutch, British and Japanese. Turkey increasingly gets patients from Belgium, Azerbaijan, Russia, Bulgaria, Romania, Kosovo and Syria.

Turkey also specialises in long-term care for elderly patients from Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

The Accredited Hospitals Association of Turkey was established in January 2008 to coordinate the activities of hospitals throughout Turkey and deliver world-standard healthcare by creating collaboration among hospitals, patients, universities, and related organisations. It also encourages hospitals to maintain the highest standards of quality and attain international accreditations.

AHAT members in the book include:

• Acibadem Healthcare Group

• Anadolu Medical Center

• Bayindir Hospital

• Florence Nightingale Hospitals

• Güven Hospital

• Hisar Intercontinental Hospital

• International Hospital

• Kent Hospital

• Memorial Hospital

• Mesa Hospital

• Yeditepe University Hospital

Print and electronic versions will be available through retail outlets worldwide, Amazon and other online retailers, and through the relevant associations.



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