New hospital for China’s Boao Lechang project


Ciming Boao International Hospital and Fertility Centre, a state-of-the-art 5,000 square metre hospital has begun trial operations.

Built on 16.5 acres of land located within the Boao Lecheng Medical Tourism Pilot Zone, the hospital has received the support of the National Health Commission's Women and Children Department and will offer standard fertility services, as well as screening and diagnostic services.

Ciming Boao International Hospital Fertility Centre is the first international centre for assisted reproductive medicine in the pilot zone to partner with the USA-based HRC and GFG, USA reproductive medical groups on assisted reproductive treatment and services to address the problem of decreasing birth rates in China. This PGS/PGD technology can help high-risk parents to give birth to healthy babies and assist in preventing congenital disabilities.

The hospital, built to American standards, includes private consultation rooms with advanced gene detection equipment. The hospital is a Class Three general hospital that has its own IVF centre as well as nine other departments including chronic disease management and stem cell treatment department.

The hospital is part of the Dr. Han Medical Group, which works with a national network of 500 health check-up centres with 30 million customers a year in China.



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