New law supports Dubai medical tourism and healthcare growth


Law No. (8) of 2018 on the Dubai Health Authority (DHA), has already become effective. The new law does not replace Law No. (9) of 2011 on Dubai Healthcare City. It does replace Law No. (13) of 2007 on the establishment of Dubai Health Authority and annuls any other related legislation.

The aim is to help DHA to achieve its objectives by regulating medical services in Dubai, enhancing competiveness and transparency, improving medical services and products based on international best practices and achieving the sector's objectives according to approved strategic plans. It also seeks to assist Dubai in remaining a top medical tourism destination, with an attractive infrastructure for investments, encourage innovation in the healthcare sector and improve preventive healthcare measures.

The UAE places a high priority on health services and community welfare, so developing the sector is one of the most important objectives of the country's sustainable development plans. The government is keen to provide quality medical services.

Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum says: "The new law will facilitate a new growth phase in the healthcare sector and help cement Dubai's position as a global hub for medical tourism. We want to offer the best healthcare facilities and services and attract top healthcare establishments, the best medical personnel and the most advanced technologies. Dubai's medical community needs to pursue innovation and develop creative solutions for meeting future requirements and achieving strategic objectives."

The law specifies DHA's responsibilities that include:

  • Preparing a strategic plan for Dubai's healthcare sector
  • Conducting studies and surveys to define Dubai's future needs and matching the results with future investments
  • Licensing and monitoring medical workers and medical facilities
  • Regulating medical education and medical research in collaboration with competent local and international authorities
  • Drafting and developing policies and procedures for the healthcare sector in Dubai
  • Regulating and facilitating the sending of patients for specialised medical treatment to healthcare facilities both within and outside the country
  • Regulating and overseeing medical tourism
  • Manage and develop policies that govern health insurance
  • Regulate and approve the prices of medical services offered by private healthcare facilities
  • Ensure the quality of medical services
  • Regulating medical advertising

The DHA will operate with other public authorities to oversee the positive development of medical tourism in Dubai.

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