New professional certification for medical tourism


A Medical Travel Facilitator’s Professional Certification is now in development.  Unlike any other programme offered in the industry, it denotes that an agent with this certification has successfully demonstrated skills and mastery of the body of knowledge needed to coordinate patient care and travel arrangements for people who travel for medical treatments.

The new programme is being offered by the newly established Council on the Global Integration of Healthcare (CGIH), a global organisation incorporated for the development and advancement of global health policy in medical tourism Through exams, case studies and field demonstrations, CGIH certification denotes ability to use the body of knowledge on medical tourism for practical application.

The council’s purpose is to provide the largest and most comprehensive body of knowledge for medical tourism without being distracted by commercial enterprise or personal ego trips. Its executive board, advisory board and membership represent a cross-section of industry, private business, government and academia.  It is now recruiting members.

CGIH certification has a three-step process. These are:

   1. An applicant must submit a portfolio of information about his business history, professional liability insurance and business establishment, and professional references to demonstrate that he/she is actively engaged in the profession of medical travel facilitation.

   2. The applicant studies for a written examination covering all core areas of the Body of Knowledge.  A passing score of 92 percent is required for certification.

   3. To continue to Advanced Status and Fellowship, a third step is to select one project that will serve as the applicant's thesis. This project may be completed as part of the applicant's job or as a result of their training/education.

    A peer review panel has to approve the subject and methodology of the thesis project and will afterwards be tasked to evaluate the finished thesis and the required oral presentation to be presented at the Annual Institute of the council.

The council is enlisting the assistance of psychometrists who will validate the testing and metrics to ensure that the programme meets its professional development objectives. CGIH is now working with specialists on business law, travel planning and clinical information to author study guides, pre-test and final exams for self-directed courses.

Course         Description

0010      Basic travel planning for medical travellers

0200      Understanding travel service terminology

0020      Medical travel facilitators and travel agents: role differentiation

0030      World geography refresher

0100      Understanding customs and visa requirements

0110      Introduction to international airline reservations

0120      Introduction to international connections for medical travellers

0130      Introduction to hotel accommodation reservations

0140      Introduction to ground transfer arrangements

0150      Counseling clients about trip interruptions and lost baggage

0160      Introduction to destination management services

0170      The role of the medical concierge

0180      Travel planning for clients with special dietary restrictions

0190      Travel planning for clients with mobility impairments

0210      Travel planning for clients with visual impairments

0220      Travel planning for clients with hearing impairments



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