New rules for entering Romania could increase dental tourism


Those who plan to spend more than three days in Romania have two options, either enter a 14-day quarantine or enter a period of quarantine and perform a COVID-19 test on the fifth day. If the test is negative, they can exit the quarantine.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE) recommends that Romanians only travel abroad if absolutely essential; which has greatly reduced outbound medical and health tourism from the country.

Romania has a weekly changing list of green and yellow countries. Green countries do not have to quarantine or be tested upon arrival into the country.

Romania’s National Public Health Institute (INSP) updates the yellow list of high-risk COVID-19 countries. The new rules apply to the more than 40 countries on this yellow list.

Most medical and dental tourists to Romania are from Italy, Spain, Germany, UK and Switzerland, all green zone countries, plus Israel, a yellow zone country.



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