Nigerian government spent US$1bn treating patients abroad


The article states that the Nigerian government allocated N340.45 billion (US$937m), representing 3.9 percent of the N8.6 trillion (US$23.6bn),  expenditure plan to the health sector, a fraction of the 15% target set during the 2001 Abuja Declaration by the Heads of State of member countries of the African Union.

Going by the budget proposal, it revealed that health came 12th as Power, Works and Housing got the highest capital project proposal with N555.88 billion (US$1.5bn), almost eight times that of health. The allocation to health is less than the 4.16% and 4.23% made to the health sector in the 2017 and 2016 budgets. These statistics, says the article, does not speak well of Nigeria’s image as the most populous nation in Africa and it also indicates that the government does not prioritise healthcare.




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