No outbound medical travel from Ireland


The Irish government has moved the country to the highest level of coronavirus restrictions, a national lockdown. The restrictions are to last for six weeks but will be reviewed after four.

Under the rules, people can only travel within 5km of their home. There is a penalty for travel beyond that distance, with exemptions for essential work and essential purposes.

People are being asked to stay at home. Those who can work from home must do so. Many non-essential businesses such as spas must close. Public transport is limited to 25% capacity.

People can still attend medical appointments and collect medicines and other health products.

Travel across borders is heavily discouraged except for urgent business such as essential medical treatment.

With Northern Ireland, Wales, much of England and parts of Europe again in lockdown, and with Scotland likely to follow, travelling outside of Ireland for anything other than urgent treatment is almost impossible.

The same problem exists in the UK as lockdowns are increasing in number and severity. The general expectation is that except for a few emergency medical cases inbound, domestic and outbound UK medical tourism will not resume until 2021.



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