Official classification for Russia resorts


The regulation was approved by the Russian government in line with recent 2019 amendments to law on tourism activities in the Russian Federation.

The changes are aimed at introducing a mandatory classification of various types of hotels, including health resorts.

Only organisations accredited by the Russian Ministry of Economic Development may classify tourist facilities.

The new law defines hotels as a means of accommodation providing hotel services, and establishes that hotels should be classified into certain categories. It applies to any hotel, health resort, recreation centre, apartment hotel, motel, apartment complex, floating hotel, hostel, farmer guesthouse, mountain shelter or similar facility. All must be classified as either five, four, three, two, one or zero stars. The highest category is five stars.

Hotels and health resorts are physically inspected before being graded and given a three-year certification. It must show the category in all advertising and business practices.

The classification of tourist facilities is to provide consumers with reliable information on hotels and health resorts.

Russian facilities are rarely up to modern global standards, so it is necessary to improve the competitiveness and quality of hotel services, to develop health tourism in Russia.



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