Pandemic control encourages medical travel


Jordan has received the Safe Travels stamp from the WTTC, in appreciation of the Kingdom's successful measures in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Tourism Ministry explained to the WTTC its procedures in dealing with the pandemic before WTTC granted Jordan the stamp, which highlights the success of the government and medical personnel in dealing with the virus.

The government adopted three steps to deal with the virus outbreak:

  • The first step was an immediate response that entailed a full nationwide lockdown of all tourist sites and facilities to protect all workers in the sector. 
  • The second phase dealt with adaptation and included procedures aimed at protecting and gradually reopening the sector.
  • The third step was the recovery stage involving reopening facilities for domestic tourism.

The government has launched the website to organise medical tourism procedures to the Kingdom. The website includes information about prices, hospitals and transport.

Jordan’s ability to control the pandemic and that private hospitals have remained free of the COVID-19 virus have contributed to receiving hundreds of applications from abroad for medical tourism.

Jordan’s government has stated it has received 411 applications from people wishing to visit for medical tourism in the first two days after announcing borders are open to medical tourists from selected countries

The countries on the first list invites medical tourists from the Gulf States Palestine, Iraq, Algeria, Sudan, Yemen and Cyprus to apply. The majority of the applicants are from Palestine, Saudi Arabia and Iraq.



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