Partnership announced to improve global healthcare quality and services


Newport, RI, US; 19 September 2017 - Medical Tourism Training, Inc. has been appointed as the Temos International representative for the United States, Latin and South America (excluding Colombia) and the Caribbean to promote and facilitate certification leading to improved patient safety and superior patient experience for Temos certified organizations and individuals.

With their shared focus on high standards of clinical care as well as an excellent end-to-end patient experience, the two companies are committed to working with hospitals, clinics, and facilitators to provide certification programs built on evidence-based standards and international best business practices to deliver measureable results.

According to Medical Tourism Training's President, Elizabeth Ziemba, "Teaming up with Temos is an excellent fit for both companies. We share a commitment to excellence in medical travel from initial contact to after-treatment follow up. Our training and consulting services can help providers and facilitators prepare for Temos certification and our team can introduce Temos' services to a much wider audience."

Ms. Ziemba added, "Temos, with its demonstrated track record of excellence, is an exciting option for providers and facilitators in the US, Latin and South America and the Caribbean who have been looking for a good alternative to high priced accreditation programs that do not meet their needs or their budgets."

Initial consultations for hospitals, dental, IVF, eye care, and rehabilitation clinics as well as international patients departments and facilitators are free of charge.

"If you are engaged in medical travel in the US, LATAM, South America and the Caribbean and are interested in increasing patient satisfaction while saving money, you should contact Elizabeth to learn more about Temos' services," said Dr Claudia Mika, CEO of Temos International."Working together we can help providers achieve the quality goals needed to succeed in today's increasingly competitive medical travel markets".

About Temos International:

Founded in 2010, Temos International is the only worldwide independent certification body focused on the quality of international patient management from the medical and non-clinical perspectives. With 17 regional offices around the world, the German-based Temos serves providers and patients on six continents.

Temos helps hospitals, clinics and medical travel coordinators to find their highest levels of performance to deliver top quality for the international patients and medical travelers they serve. By working collaboratively, Temos encourages innovation and avoid the "one size fits" all approach to certification which does not work across cultures for providers or patients. With its deep understanding of universal standards of quality and cultural differences in expectations around the patient experience, Temos certification raises clinical standards, improves patient safety, and reduces costs for overall client satisfaction.

About Medical Tourism Training:

Established in 2009, Medical Tourism Training, Inc. offers training, consulting, and assessment tools for healthcare providers, facilitators, governments, associations, hotels, resorts and spas, and other organizations involved in medical, dental and wellness travel.  Drawing on its team members' years of experience in medicine, medical travel, hospitality, patient services, business, and law, the company focuses on best business practices, research, and case studies to deliver results-oriented solutions for its clients. Through improved business operations and superior patient experience, clients can realize cost savings and increased revenues.


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