Pensioners entitled to cross- border healthcare


Parliamentary investigations into cross- border healthcare and the future after Brexit in 2019 have revealed interesting figures.

The number of UK state pensioners resident in other EU countries is believed by Government department DWP to be about 480,000.

But there are only 190,000 UK state pensioners registered for the reciprocal healthcare arrangements. That is quite a gap, between 190,000 and 480,000.

That is partly explained by the fact that some of those people who are entitled to a UK state pension are also entitled to a pension from another member state, from past working life, for example.

The way the system works is if you are a resident in Spain, and you have in the past contributed to the system in Spain, then Spain would become your insuring country; that would explain part of the gap. 

There are presumably many thousands of pensioners who are not in that sort of situation and could choose to register for the reciprocal healthcare system if they wished.

There are only 5,800 pensioners from other EU countries resident in the UK. Spain has 70,000 UK state pensioners resident in Spain, compared to only 100 Spanish pensioners in the UK.



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