Phuket’s plan to be international medical and health destination


The Treasury department is planning to give the Public Health Ministry permission to use government land in Mai Khao, close to Phuket International Airport.

The concept is gathering support as Phuket battles to diversify beyond being known as a tropical holiday island.

The aim is to develop Phuket as a health and wellness destination, with facilities that will attract medical tourists from all over the world, as well as providing a high standard of treatment to the local population. The facility will provide a full range of health services, including long-term care, and hospice and rehabilitation services.

The island already has a well-developed medical tourism market, based around local hospitals and clinics linking up with foreign marketing companies.

The International Medical and Public Health Service seeks to create more long-term financial security and diversification, and value-added tourism in Phuket, as the island has taken a heavy financial hit over the past seven months.

The Health Ministry will manage investment, with 2 billion baht required for the first stage of the project. Construction will take two years.



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