Political elite blamed for outbound flow


The President of NARD, Dr Olusegun Olaopa has urged members of Nigeria’s political elite to seek medical help at home to encourage the rest of the people to do the same. Dr Olaopa states "Our political elite must make a bold statement by seeking medical attention in the country because we are never short of the required expertise in Nigeria. What our hospitals lack is equipment and only by having our very important people in our hospitals will the standards of these hospitals rise to the same level as those abroad."

The Federal Government is seeking ways to improve efficiency in the operations of public hospitals and reequip them to save the foreign exchange drain arising from medical tourism. It also plans to roll out universal healthcare.

The government is committed to increasing investment in Nigeria’s health system to strengthen and improve service delivery.

Nigeria loses huge resources from its citizens travelling out of the country in search of better medical care because of the inefficiency of health services in the country.



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