Qatari health insurance now covers services in Russia


QLM, the health insurance subsidiary of Qatar insurer QIC has expanded its network of medical service providers in Russia. This coincides with the World Cup, which is to be held in Russia in mid-June this year. The network includes 700 service providers within the Russian state for QLM customers to use on direct billing. QLM is entering into direct contracts with service providers worldwide.

QLM provides overseas treatment services worldwide. The company has developed a system, the first of its kind in the Middle East, where the company pays medical expenses outside the State of Qatar directly to the service provider based on the customer’s choice of the place of treatment, and in accordance with the benefits table of each medical insurance policy.

Many Qataris prefer to go overseas for treatment, and because of the regional spat with local states, cannot go to Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Egypt, UAE, or Bahrain.

There is hope that the Saudi led boycott of Qatar may end soon, since it has had little effect on persuading Qatar to negotiate terms or change their current regime.  The first move may be to end the ban on free movement between Qatar and the coalition of states. The dispute has harmed local trade with Saudi Arabia, the only state really keen on the boycott, who is now coming under pressure from allies USA and UK to end it.

Qatar wants to become a destination for medical tourists seeking state-of-the-art treatment, but as the richest country in the world, prices are very high. View the full analysis of inbound and outbound medical tourism for Qatar.



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