Significant increase claimed in outbound UK medical travel


The Daily Mail article states that Health Tourism Lithuania was unable to offer any statistics to back up the alleged rise in demand from UK patients. However, it said its research has revealed other agencies in medical tourism had also noticed a 50% increase in enquiries in the UK over the past year.

The article also states that UK Government data shows the number of British patients flying overseas for medical treatment has trebled in recent years. Quoting data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), it says that some 48,000 Britons travelled abroad for treatment in 2014, rising to 144,000 in 2016.

The article claims that "data published by the ONS suggests the figure was closer to the 300,000 mark in 2017. The final figures have yet to be released".

The ONS bases their estimates on International Passenger Surveys, and must be viewed with caution. IMTJ believes the actual outbound medical travel figure for 2017 is likely to be significantly lower than this.

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