Smile Clinic attracts UK dental tourists to Slovakia


Smile Clinic Slovakia has opened in Bratislava after nine years of trading as Dental Holiday. It is an English-speaking state-of-the-art dental clinic targeting the local international community in Bratislava and dental tourists.

In the nine years it has been open it has treated over 3,000 UK patients and thousands of Slovak patients, who travel from all over Slovakia to get dental implants from Dr. Marek Salka. Increasing numbers are travelling from Austria and Hungary. Dr. Salka and Daniel Shaw are co-founders of the clinic started out with just four staff members and now have 30.

The clinic’s driver collects patients at Bratislava airport and drives them to and from the airport to the clinic in Piestany.

With the increased competition in the UK, dental price comparison and booking sites, and lower comparative prices- fewer people are now travelling from the UK for dental care. Those that do travel overseas tend to be seeking complex treatment, dental implants or cosmetic dentistry.

Smile has done well to last for nine years, during which time many competitors targeting the same markets have been and gone.



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