Spa Piestany: Treatment of locomotive system disorders and rheumatism treatment



Children - one of the target groups in Health Spa Pie??any

Everyone has known spine or joint problems. It is nothing pleasant. Your body hurts in various places and nothing will make it stop. But only a few would think that these difficulties can also affect small children ? and even quite often!

Spa Pie??any, specialising in the treatment of locomotive system disorders and rheumatism treatments, has started to deal with the problem. Besides comprehensive treatments for adults, Spa Pie??any now offer an outpatient form of spa stay not only for teenagers, but also for smaller children.

The idea to continue the tradition of treating children?was initiated by the Spa Pie??any Director, Klaus Pilz, together with the Head Doctor, MUDr. O?ga Boldi?ov? and So?a Z?bransk?, Head of the Spa Treatment Department. Doctor Boldi?ov? has put her heart into the project as paediatric patients have been the focus of her 25-year-long practice.

Rehabilitation of children is significantly different from the adult one. A child?s body is still developing and it needs to memorise the moving stereotypes correctly. Special rehabilitation methods can re-teach wrong stereotypes caused by a disease or a development disorder. Outpatient treatments are dedicated to children with juvenile idiopathic arthritis, innate orthopaedic disorders, scoliosis, osteochondrosis, Scheuermann?s disease, and neurological disorders. They should help the overall improvement of a child?s health as well as his or her moving abilities after surgeries. At the same time, outpatient treatments may serve as a prevention in order to improve body posture, prevent consequent spine disorders and locomotive disorders of children. Preventive rehabilitation and a correct movement therapy for a children is known to reduce or prevent occurrence of all these unpleasant diseases.

?Children require special attention. Therefore, it was necessary to harmonise the capacities of individual treatments and procedures so as not to collide with adult therapies,? So?a Z?bransk?, Head of the Spa Treatment Department, says. The most important thing was to choose the therapists who have a high qualification and ability to work with children and their parents. A spa stay with an individually prepared treatment programme making use of thermal water, medical examinations, and special rehabilitations has been offered since summer 2010. Children from 3 to 15 years of age have to be accompanied by an adult during the spa stay.




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