Standards aligned with travelling patient needs


The Global Healthcare Accreditation programme for medical travel services has released GHA Standards 4.1 for hospitals and ambulatory medical centres with medical travel programmes.

The new standards were developed with input from clients, surveyors, insurers, employers and other experts.

The latest version of the standards is more closely aligned with the needs of travelling patients and the organisations who care for them and includes improvements that will benefit both clients and surveyors during the accreditation onsite visit.

Each standard has an explanatory intent statement, measurable elements of each standard are improved to make scoring more objective and transparent, and a list of recommended documents are included at the end of each standards chapter that facilitate a healthcare provider's preparation for the accreditation survey.

Global Healthcare Accreditation was established in 2016 with the goal of enhancing the patient experience for medical travellers. Karen Timmons of GHA explains: "Medical travel is very complex and encompasses both pre-admission and post discharge components. GHA standards are the foundation of a systematic and objective evaluation process of an organization's unique approach to the management of medical travel services. Each standard is part of a comprehensive framework that facilitates meaningful management and quantifiable performance regarding medical travel for organisations to improve over time and be successful."



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