State-of-the-art cardiac procedure is now offered in the Cayman Islands


Health City Cayman Islands has become the first hospital in the English speaking Caribbean to offer a new high-tech procedure for patients with irregular heartbeat.

The medical tourism hospital is now offering cryoablation, a procedure for patients with atrial fibrillation, a common rhythm disorder of the heart in which people get irregular palpitations, which can lead to breathlessness and strokes.

Doctors introduce the balloon catheter into the groin and thread it into the pulmonary veins, located in the back of the heart, where the impulses that trigger the atrial fibrillation come from, and then inflate the balloon and freeze the vein for about two to three minutes, destroying the source of the fibrillation.

The hospital has performed the 60- to 90-minute procedure on five patients, including one from Jamaica, and all discharged within a day.




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