Stem cell tourism “an emerging public health threat”


In an article on the survey results, published in Multiple Sclerosis News Today, report author Wijden Raj, from The Ohio State University calls for the creation of a publicly available national registry where ‘stem cell tourism’ complications must be reported, and the development of guidelines "on how to care for patients who have undergone experimental stem cell procedures with tumor formation".

Raj said that "75% of the physicians indicated that no patient experienced complications" from unapproved stem-cell-based treatments. However, one in four (25%) reported seeing patients who experienced complications, such as infections, MS deterioration and relapse, stroke, meningoencephalitis, sepsis, tumors, hepatitis C, seizures, or spinal cord injury. At least three neurologists had patients who died from unapproved stem cell procedures.

Stem cell tourism is an "emerging public health threat," and the results "demonstrate an alarming number of unreported complications and negative impact to MS patients," Raj said.



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