Surrogacy moves to Cambodia


With bans on commercial surrogacy in Thailand, and one due soon in India, surrogacy doctors are moving to less regulated countries, with Cambodia being the latest.

With India toughening its stand on surrogacy, surrogacy service seekers, and specialist doctors have started moving to destinations that still allow this service. While Cambodia has become popular among people — both Indians and from other parts of the world — countries such as Ukraine and Kenya are attracting doctors and customers from India and customers from Australia.

Surrogacy Abroad is a specialist US based medical tourism agency that has had to stop using India and Thailand for surrogacy services for overseas customers. The first batch of customers has been sent to Cambodia due to the lack of proper laws or guidelines in Cambodia. Doctors from Thailand have set up infertility clinics there, and Indian doctors are about to follow.

But the using Cambodia has problems. The sudden increase in demand risks customers using less healthy mothers. The quality and safety of medical clinics in Cambodia is far below that of India or Thailand.

Ukraine has well-defined laws on surrogacy so some Indian fertility  doctors are moving their services to Ukraine. Moving from India to Ukraine means more expense for customers.

It seems that some specialist clinics and doctors in India are not going to let a little matter like new laws affect their very lucrative surrogacy trade- and are moving to new countries , despite the extra risks for patients.



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