Survey shows major spend variation on wellness and spa services


One revealing result from the survey was a big difference between the typical spending pattern on wellness and spa services market-by-market and segment-by-segment ranging from Euro12-172 per person, per visit.

The report stresses the importance of understanding the distribution of market segments and how they contribute to the performance of the wellness, spa or hospitality facility. The findings suggest that market and performance assessments need to look at the walk-in, domestic and international demand separately.

The survey also found that natural and cultural resources represent the highest growth potential for development.  Every wellness, spa or hospitality investment needs to look at their local resources first, whether it is either natural or cultural, before turning to international brands.

The survey targeted more than 2,000 wellness and spa centres, and hospitality facilities with wellness and spa services. IWSTM evaluates and presents regional (North America, Asia-Pacific & Europe), country (piloting country level data from Italy, Poland, Colombia, and Costa Rica), as well as thematic data (thermal/hot spring market), identifying key market trends in Demand Distribution, Guest Spending, Growth Potentials, Travel Motivations.

The report also makes recommendations for development directions and specialisations as well as market-mix opportunities.

Access the report here:


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