Taking certification to the next level


Taking accreditation/clinical certification to the next level, the new survey methodology from American Accreditation Commission International (AACI) allows hospitals to demonstrate compliance to the chosen standard while building sustainable and safe performance over time.

The next generation of accreditation and clinical survey demands a shift from the traditional, transaction-based approach to a strategic, dynamic, multidimensional approach that transforms a survey into an insightful and powerful risk enterprise tool with material impact on the control environment.

Three pillars are the foundation of this model:

  • A robust, comprehensive risk assessment to identify high-risk issues in a broad range of clinical, strategic, and operational areas as well as traditional transaction-based functions.
  • Flexible staffing that draws on specialist expertise in a wide range of clinical and other functions, such as nursing, pharmacy, and information technology, to generate business intelligence and results in new and emerging complex risk areas.
  • Risk culture of strategic alignment and close collaboration between surveyors and the senior leadership, management, and governance teams.

AACI has offices in the USA, UK, Slovenia, Poland and Singapore.



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