Temos certifies Hygeia Hospital Tirana


Hygeia Hospital Tirana is the first full service private hospital in Albania that offers general services and specialist maternity and fertility clinics. The hospital is in Tirana, treating patients from Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo and Montenegro. The international patient centre hopes to double the number of international patients within three years.

Hygeia Fertility Clinic in Tirana is the first organization worldwide to pass the Temos quality programme 'Quality in International Reproductive Care'. Founded in 2012 and specialising in assisted reproductive technologies, the clinic follows national regulations, plus European and international evidence based guidelines for ART services.

The team of two assessors from Germany and Greece visited the fertility clinic onsite for one day after a comprehensive preparation phase and found an excellently managed clinic with a team of considerate and professional staff, highly sophisticated facilities, and a high level of quality in medical treatment and embryology, laboratory equipment and nursing.

Hygeia Hospital Tirana also received re-certification of the Temos 'Quality in International Patient Care' quality programme. The assessor team from Singapore, Germany and Greece visited the hospital for three days. The three assessors found good units, a well-managed hospital with a team of experienced staff, good facilities, and a reassuring level of quality in medical treatment, technical equipment and nursing.



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