Thailand seeks new markets in Asia


Thailand is under pressure from increased competition and weaker economic performance in key source regions  - Russia and Gulf/Middle East. Gulf states are reducing outbound medical tourism and increasing inbound.

The government is beginning to move promotional efforts to newer markets of China, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam, to take advantage of the growing affluence in those countries and the rising demand for professional health care.

To encourage health and medical tourism from these countries, the government has tripled the period visitors undergoing medical treatments can stay in Thailand to 90 days. This will allow overseas visitors to undergo extensive procedures.

The latest Ministry of Public Health campaign and promotional packages are part of the “Visit Thailand Enhance Your Healthy Life” programme aimed at increasing medical and wellness tourism arrivals. This was developed with state agencies and private health care providers.

Overseas visitors can have standard health checks at up to 70 internationally certified hospitals and clinics, combining a regular medical assessment with their vacation. The ministry is also promoting a wider range of dental and reproductive health services for foreign visitors.



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