Turkish Airlines announces 50% discount to medical tourists


To help the Turkish government promote medical tourism, state owned Turkish Airlines is offering 50% discount on flight tickets to medical tourists.

Passengers visiting Turkey for treatment who travel on Turkish Airlines are eligible for a 50% transportation rebate following the submission of documents to the local Turkish Airlines Office in their city of origin.

The airline needs proof that the trip is for medical or healthcare and requires the passport, the electronic air ticket, and entry registration details of the hospital or clinic in Turkey where they are going to be treated. So the rebate is retrospective and only available after the air passenger has paid the full ticket price.

Turkey has become popular for healthcare and spa tourism in recent years thanks to government led aggressive promotion, advertising and investment.

An area that is being looked at for development is elderly care tourism. This would need investment in disabled nursing and rehabilitation, and medical and nursing tourism for the. The target market would be older Europeans, so Turkey could set up more thermal hotels and medical centres for the elderly. To offer effective elderly care tourism, factors of language, tradition and religious differences need to be taken into account. Those who doubt the potential argue that most elderly care is state funded and provided across Western Europe so providing governments and health funds would have legal, cultural and religious limitations-plus concerns over being in a region surrounded by conflict where Turkey has civil war with local Kurds plus increased domestic unrest.

The number of foreign visitors to Turkey fell in the first half of the year while the outlook for the rest of 2015 looks gloomy, according to the Turkish Statistical Institute. With escalating violence within and around the country and rising economic problems in Russia, Turkey’s tourism and medical tourism facilities have warned of worse numbers in 2016.

Numbers have fallen from the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Ireland and Norway, with Russian numbers down 30%,



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