US employers encouraging cross-border healthcare


Several San Diego hotels, casinos and restaurants are offering this option to their employees. It is an employee paid plan.  It is only open to Mexican nationals, which means employees must have been born in Mexico, have a parent who was born in Mexico or are married to a Mexican national.

The plan provides for emergency and urgent care in the USA, but for everything else like routine medical care and prescriptions, employees must go to Mexico.

SIMNSA, one of the leading Health Maintenance Organisation (HMO) programmes in Northern Mexico, is the first Mexican HMO licensed by the California Department of Managed Care as a health care service plan. With its comprehensive health care network extending to the border cities of Tecate, Mexicali and Tijuana, SIMNSA offers access to more than 200 certified physicians across the US-Mexico border. Drivers get a medical pass to avoid long border waits. SIMNSA is also building a new, private hospital in Tijuana.

Several US health insurers used to have partnership deals, but most cancelled them as they were not compatible with US health insurance regulation.

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