US health insurer paying for travel to Mexico


The company will also give the patient cash back so he or she can enjoy some of the money saved by their efforts, according to PEHP Managing Director Chet Loftis, in an email to U.S. News.

Loftis says the concept of incentivising people to travel to another country for less expensive health care isn't new to the US, but it's just starting in Utah thanks to a bill passed this year (HB 19) requiring PEHP to provide a "cash back" incentive to those who travel for less-expensive prescriptions.

PEHP Health and Benefits is a division of Utah Retirement Systems. PEHP is a non-profit trust providing health benefits to 170,000 Utah public employees and their families. PEHP previously offered coverage for out-of-county medical procedures in Mexico but with no cash incentive few customers used the option.



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