US warns against travel to Cuba


The U.S. State Department has warned Americans to put off travel to Cuba indefinitely due to safety concerns. The Canadian Government has no current advisories for travel to Cuba.

Up until recently, this burgeoning market for agents, tour operators and others has been resilient in the face of the administration’s June threat to restrict “people-to-people” travel. Only broad policies were defined in June, while the administration’s Treasury and Commerce Department regulations have not been finalised.

The American Society of Travel Agents: "There is no evidence of private citizens or American travellers being affected." Many in the US travel industry have suggested that the warning is not a realistic reflection of the risk travellers face, but a political action as Cuba is a very safe country.

The Trump administration's proposed rules will eliminate “people-to-people” travel, which allows American travellers to book individual trips; U.S. citizens will now have to look to group tours to visit Cuba. Additionally, individuals may have a harder time proving their visit falls under one of 12 authorized categories such as a religious, journalistic or artistic activity.

While it is legal for Canadians to travel to Cuba as medical or health tourists, even before the Trump amendment, it was still illegal for Americans to do the same thing.



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