Visa cancellation helps medical travel from Ukraine


The article quotes various medical travel agencies and clinics claiming the number of Ukraine patients to both Germany and Poland have increased. 

It includes an interview with the Director General of medical tourism promotion foundation, Proturmed Mariusz Arent in Poland saying that the number of Ukrainian patients visiting Polish clinics had tripled in 2019, to around 10,000 people. The article did state however that this is mainly due to an increase in the number of Ukrainian migrants in Poland.

The article also mentions the Institute of Research and Development of Medical Tourism (Poland), which states that the total number of medical tourists in Poland was around 182,000 people in 2018. Ukrainian patients apparently travel to Poland for treatment of oncology, orthopedic surgery, cardiac diseases and rehabilitation after injuries.

The article quotes the Board Chairman of the Turkish Association of Medical Tourism Emin Çakmak (Turkey), who said that in general Turkey receives around US$10 billion from medical tourists from 165 countries. Around 1 million foreign medical tourists annually visit Turkey, of which 45,000 were Ukrainians in 2019. The number of Ukrainian patients in Turkey is growing annually by 10-15%. The majority of Ukrainian patients travel to Turkey for treatment of oncology diseases and for pediatric rehabilitation.

The article also states that the Ukrainian Association of Medical Tourism (UAMT) claims around 160,000 patients left Ukraine for treatment in 2018. Germany, Israel and Turkey were the most popular destinations for medical tourism from Ukraine. During the same time, UAMT says, around 65,000 foreign patients came for treatment to Ukrainian clinics.



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