Wellbeing village development plans in Sparta


A company that aims to invest and aid in the redevelopment of the Greek economy was launched at an event in Greece last week. Peter & Paul’s Vision Public Co. plans to develop complex tourist villages and summer housing of thematic tourism in order to increase the volume of tourists visiting the country.

One of the proposed villages is PETER AND PAUL’s VILLAGE.  Spanning 1000 acres, P&P Vision will develop a variety of facilities for healthy living. The proposed facilities include: 5-star wellness resorts, villas, vineyards, traditional winery and wine tasting facilities, olive culture and traditional olive extraction facilities, production of organic products and many more. PETER AND PAUL’s VILLAGE will attract guests looking for wellbeing and healthy living resorts from all over the world. Guests will be able to participate in a number of outdoor activities, such as cycling, mountain biking, hiking, and agricultural activities. The Village will also have the capacity to host international sport and yoga groups, conferences and all types of sport, social and business events.

This strategic investment is anticipated to highlight the historic Laconia region as a tourism destination, and is fully licensed by the Hellenic Ministry of Tourism. It is among 28 core investments by the Ministry’s task force in an attempt to reboot the Greek economy.

So far, Sparta and the Laconia region have been neglected in terms of high end touristic and development projects. Soon however, international visitors will be able to enjoy the history of these locations, combined with the health and wellbeing services that they offer.


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