WTTC: consistent travel rules urgently needed


Those journeying to Europe face a confusion of different types of travel rules and advice in European countries, covering masks, testing and contact tracing.

The WTTC has stated that the uneven patchwork of COVID-19 national border restrictions and rules across a single zone is a deterrent to cross-border movement. 

Consumer confusion over travel rules is evident; for example the requirements related to the wearing of facemasks. Masks are mandatory on public transport in France and Germany, but not in Norway and Sweden. In Italy, masks must be worn in all enclosed public places whereas in Switzerland, for all enclosed public spaces other than on public transport, it is only a recommendation that people should wear masks if they can't maintain a distance of 1.5 metres from others.

WTTC has warned that unless European governments make a greater effort to align their policies, it will cause the fragile recovery to slow down.

To align policies, governments need to take into consideration more than just mortality rates. Wider country measures, including infection rates, the percentage of tests and contact tracing, the health system’s ability to cope with COVID-19 and the public’s acceptance of mask-wearing and observance of social distancing is also important.

WTTC has issued a ten-point Traveller Guideline for Safe & Seamless Travel which includes testing and contact tracing to ensure people can enjoy safe travels.

WTTC wants tourism to resume quickly but European governments are also defending their differences as vital to protecting locals and tourists. 



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