Atrys Spain Cancer clinic in Barcelona, Spain

Atrys is a global company dedicated to preventive and precision medicine and a leader in precision diagnostics and cancer care. Atrys provides individualised therapy for patients, with a strong commitment to technological innovation. Atrys Oncology is its network of five specialised oncology centres in Spain, Portugal and Switzerland. The two leading cancer centres of the network in Spain (Atrys- IOA and Atrys-IMOR) are based in Barcelona.

All Atrys’s oncology centres are equipped with the most advanced radiotherapy treatments such as Image Guided Single Dose Radiation Therapy (IGRT) and hypofractionated radiotherapy. The treatments used are designed to provide the best results for patients, both in terms of efficacy in the fight against cancer and in the health and well-being of the patient during the treatment process and beyond. Using the most advanced techniques and systems, potential side effects are reduced and in many cases the duration of treatment is considerable shortened.

Atrys-IMOR has been awarded the prestigious Judith Sitt Prize by American Brachytherapy Society for its work on the treatment of prostate cancer. More recently, Atrys-IMOR has obtained the Joint Commission International certificate for ambulatory care, considered the highest quality seal in the world in the health field in this category.

At Atrys, treatments are highly personalised: each case is discussed at a weekly international committee meeting of the Atrys Oncology Network to find the best therapeutic option based on the latest medical-scientific advances, best clinical practices and medical advice.

As well as diagnosis and treatment for an extensive range of cancers, Atrys also offers expert second opinion consultations and genetic counselling for people with cancer, or who have a family history of cancer.

Treatments provided

  • Brachytherapy
  • Radiotherapy

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C/ Escuelas Pias nº 81

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