Atrys Switzerland Cancer clinic in Liestal, Switzerland

Atrys is a global biomedical company based in Madrid, Spain. Providing precision diagnostics and cancer care, the company has a network of five specialist radiotherapy oncology centres in Switzerland, Spain and Portugal. Their Swiss centres are both located in the Basel region: Atrys Schweiz Liestal and Atrys Schweiz Allschwill.

Atrys’s oncology centres are all equipped with the most advanced radiotherapy treatments, including Image Guided Single Dose Radiation Therapy (IGRT) and hypofractionated radiotherapy. The treatments used aim to provide optimal results for patients, both in terms of efficacy in the fight against the disease and in the health and well-being of the patient during and after treatment. Use of the most up-to-date techniques and technologies reduces the chance of potential deleterious side effects and in many cases the treatment time is considerable shortened.

Other treatments available at Atrys’s clinics in Switzerland include medical oncology and second opinion consultations.

Treatment at Atrys is highly personalised and tailored to the individual’s needs. Teams in Switzerland join international colleagues on the Atrys Oncology Network committee each week to review every case and establish the best therapeutic option based on the latest medical-scientific advances, medical advice and best clinical practice.

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  • Radiotherapy

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Atrys Schweiz Liestal
Radio Onkologie Liestal
Erzenbergstrasse 51
CH 4410

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