IMOR Foundation Cancer clinic in Barcelona, Spain

IMOR Foundation is specialist cancer treatment centre in Barcelona providing brachytherapy and radiotherapy. Their expert team collaborate with leading institutions such as the MA Cancer Center Hospital in Houston, USA and the Regional Center for the Fight Against Cancer in Montpellier, France.

IMOR was a pioneer in the use of brachytherapy, the implantation of radioactive seeds into a cancerous area, for prostate cancer and now uses the technique for breast, gynaecological and ophthalmic cancers. The work of the radiation therapists at the Prostate Brachytherapy Unit at IMOR has resulted in them being recognised as leaders in the treatment of early prostate cancer. Patients undergoing brachytherapy avoid the problems associated with surgical treatment and experience a more rapid recovery and quicker return to normal activities.

External radiation therapy is also performed at IMOR using a linear accelerator. Treatment may be combined with chemotherapy or surgery.

Treatments provided

  • Brachytherapy

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