Jet Companion Air travel facilitator, based in Alberta, Canada

Jet Companion is a Canada-based provider of long-distance transfers and aeromedical escorts worldwide.

Jet Companion’s experienced nurses and paramedics take care of people who need more care than a flight attendant can provide. Organising medical and non-medical transfers for individuals aboard chartered and commercial flights, they accompany travellers who are unable to travel alone:

  • Emergency or scheduled repatriation not covered by travel insurance
  • Domestic or international senior relocation
  • Transport for medical treatment and relocation to long-term care
  • Stretcher service aboard selected commercial airlines
  • Children who are excluded for travel as an Unaccompanied Minor
  • End of life missions

If flying commercial is not an option, or time is of the essence, Jet Companion work with their aviation partners to provide private chartered aircraft with a medical escort onboard. Choices range from affordable turbo-props to luxury jets, supported by services such as medical drivers for airport pick-ups and transfer to appointments, door-to-door transfers with ground ambulance, stretcher service or wheelchair van and VIP services as required.

In cases where an air ambulance service would be most appropriate, Jet Companion partner with some of the best teams in the world and offer the flexibility of finding the most suitable and cost-effective provider for each case.

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Medical travel agency/facilitator


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