King Hussein Cancer Centre (KHCC) Cancer clinic in Amman, Jordan

The King Hussein Cancer Centre (KHCC) is a cancer treatment centre in Jordan that offers specialist treatment for adult and peadiatric patients in the Middle East. They have specialist cancer units including a highly advanced chemotherapy unit.

KHCC has been recognised internationally as the:

  • Only centre in the Arab world and the sixth in the world to receive disease-specific accreditation from the Joint commission international (JCI) for its Oncology Program.
  • Only centre in Jordan and the fifth in the Arab world to receive accreditation from the College of American Pathologists (CAP), confirming that KHCC laboratories meet and exceed regulatory requirements, yielding the highest accuracy levels of laboratory results.
  • Only cancer centre in Jordan to earn international accreditation from the American Nurses Credentialing Centre (ANCC) as a provider of continuous nursing education.

The King Hussein Cancer Centre treats all cancers and performs approximately 300 bone marrow transplants a year.

The King Hussein Cancer Centre is the one of the only specialised cancer centres in the Middle East treating both adults and children. They also offer various diagnostic imaging services such as MRI and CT scans and have a highly advanced Chemotherapy Unit.

Paediatric Services

The paediatric oncologists work tirelessly with a multidisciplinary team consisting of various radiologists, pathologists, surgeons, psychologists and nurse coordinators to guarantee each KHCC patient receives personalized and professional care that is in line with the most recent and high-quality cancer treatment procedures.

The centre has multiple successful support programs in place, such as the “Dreams Come True” program, summer camps, play therapy and an educational program to help children stay connected with their lives, receiving a sense of normality in an otherwise negative situation.

They have an extensive supportive services roster, putting a big focus on nutrition and pain management to deliver the best care possible.

KHCC has expert psychologists and play therapists on hand working closely with their department to ensure the best quality of life to patients, even after they have left the centre.

GCC & Underprivileged patients

King Hussein Cancer centres treat an increasing number of patients from Gulf cooperation countries (GCC) who travel to Jordan seeking specialist cancer treatment.

Due to its expert medical care, attractive price and the language barrier being significantly less than other destinations, they are a prime target for medical tourism within the gulf.

KHCC will also receive many disadvantaged patients from countries such as Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Sudan and Yemen who are suffering from serious conflict and may not have access to vital cancer treatment facilities anywhere else.

Patient support groups

The KHCC has several support groups in place that are very successful in improving the state of mind of current patients undergoing cancer treatment.

The support groups comprise of both current and past patients as well as volunteers, providing emotional support even after the treatment ends. Groups like this have a hugely positive effect as current cancer sufferers are shown what life after treatment is like and have a wealth of positive mental attitudes surrounding them.

Treatments provided

  • Chemotherapy

  • Bone marrow transplant
  • Cellular immune therapy

  • Consultation with a consultant or specialist

  • Immunotherapy

  • Radiotherapy

  • CT scan: Body scan
  • MRI scan: Brain scan
  • MRI scan: Total body scan

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