Prepare for the future of global healthcare and medical tourism

25 April, 2017

Tobias Gantner, The HealthCare Futurists, IMTJ Medical Travel Summit 2017

The beginning and the End... Admission and Discharge planning for International patients

09 October, 2016

Sue Chapman, Great Ormond Street Hospital: IMTJ Masterclass 2016

Healthcare Policy in Korea

05 July, 2018

Kim Minju, Ministry of Health and Welfare of Korea

Does your online presence reflect the quality of your care?

16 October, 2015

Keith Pollard: IMTEC 2015

Time for change... getting medical travel back on track

05 July, 2018

Josef Woodman, Patients Beyond Borders, IMTJ Summit 2018


Titlesort ascending Author Event Date
Developing markets in Asia Sherene Azli IMTJ Medical Travel Summit 2015 15 April, 2015
Malaysia Healthcare networking reception presentation Sherene Azli Malaysia Healthcare Networking Reception 17 September, 2015
Malaysia: a sustainable medical travel destination Sherene Azli IMTJ Medical Travel Summit USA 2018 30 April, 2018
Is the medical tourist spoiled for choice? How can medical tourists make informed decisions? Sharon S Kleefield IMTJ Medical Travel Summit 2015 15 April, 2015
IMTJ Medical Travel Workshop Tunisia 2018 30 January, 2018
The Undeveloped Customer Scott Frankum EMTC 2012 01 May, 2012
Medical Value Travel- Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow Sanjiv Malik EMTC 2012 01 May, 2012
Digital Health: Convergence with medical travel Ross Friedberg IMTJ Medical Travel Summit USA 2018 30 April, 2018
The changing nature of the medical tourism market in the Gulf Rania Kimrakji IMTJ Medical Travel Summit 2016 26 May, 2016
Delivering a "start to finish" patient experience Ralf Krewer IMTJ Masterclass at IMTEC 2016 09 October, 2016
What makes a great medical tourism facilitator? Ralf Krewer IMTJ Medical Travel Summit 2016 26 May, 2016
Medical Travel of Muslim Patients - Current Developments and Projections Professor Mustafa Z. Younis EMTC 2011 09 May, 2011
Crossing borders for fertility treatment: motivations, destinations and outcomes of UK fertility travelers Prof. Lorraine Culley EMTC 2012 01 May, 2012
Breast Cancer and Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery of the Breast Prof. Dr. Med. Andree Faridi EMTC 2012 30 April, 2012
Cardiac rehabilitation: status and new developments Prof. Dr. Heinz Therez EMTC 2012 01 May, 2012



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