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Mexico infertility treatment

20 June, 2018

2.6m cases of infertility treated in Mexico per year

Barbados IVF milestone

20 June, 2018

Barbados Fertility Centre celebrates their 2000th & 2001st babies

Thai inbound medical tourists grow

15 June, 2018

2.4m visits to Thai hospitals for medical tourism in 2017

Vietnam outbound medical tourism

13 June, 2018

7,500 Vietnamese visit South Korea for medical tourism

USA outbound medical tourism

08 June, 2018

2.8 - 3.6m US medical tourists go abroad each year

Tunisia’s tourism sees growth

08 June, 2018

International Assistance Group appoints Help Group as Core Partner

Temos adjusts scope

06 June, 2018

International Accreditor reviews standards based on assessments of over 150 hospitals and clinics

IMTJ Medical Travel Awards 2018

06 June, 2018

Success in medical travel recognised by IMTJ Medical Travel Awards 2018

Ireland outbound medical tourism

06 June, 2018

Ireland outbound IVF travelers

Croatia inbound health tourism

06 June, 2018

Tourism minister claims Croatia earns Euro400m from health tourism

Indonesian outbound medical tourism

06 June, 2018

600,000 patients from Indonesia seek treatment abroad

Vietnam inbound medical tourism

06 June, 2018

80,000 tourists come to Vietnam for health checks and treatment

Turkey inbound medical tourism

06 June, 2018

Turkish Healthcare Travel Council claims over 750,000 treated in 2017

India medical tourism

17 May, 2018

India medical tourism set back

Romania outbound medical tourism

16 May, 2018

Facing poor healthcare conditions, more Romanians seek medical help abroad


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