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Expansion and growth of Temos International

15 May, 2018

From “Temos Certification” to “Temos International Healthcare Accreditation”

Abu Dhabi outbound medical tourism

14 May, 2018

Abu Dhabi outbound medical tourism increases 10% per year

Iran inbound medical tourism

14 May, 2018

400,000 medical tourists to Iran in a year

Malaysia inbound medical tourism

08 May, 2018

Malaysia healthcare tourists hit 1m

Jordan inbound medical tourism

08 May, 2018

Jordan admits 250k foreign patients

Turkey inbound medical tourism

04 May, 2018

Turkey’s hospitals served more than 433,000 foreign tourists last year (2017)

Medical assistance in conflict areas

20 March, 2018

International Assistance Group strengthens medical assistance capabilities in Malta and conflict areas

Quality confirmed in Vietnam

13 February, 2018

International Assistance Group confirms quality of assistance provider

Gold medal service at the Winter Olympics

12 February, 2018

Winter Olympics: International Assistance Group’s Accredited Provider in position for gold medal service

AIRS announce lead speakers

10 January, 2018

Key speakers announced for AIRS China Rehabilitation Enabler and Facilitator International Meeting

Malaysia welcomes 2018 budget allocation

30 October, 2017

Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC) receives the 2018 budget allocation

InsigHT 2017 launch

26 September, 2017

World experts converge at insigHT2017 to discuss the shifting landscapes of medical travel

Experts to gather at InsigHT 2017

14 September, 2017

InsigHT 2017: Leading Industry Experts to Share Trends on Medical Travel

Thailand showcase success

23 August, 2017

Successful medical tourism event held in Thailand

South Korea tourism surge

27 June, 2017

Global Assistance Partners joins International Assistance Group in South Korea


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