Infrastructure and Indicators of Healthcare in the Caribbean Report


Report summary: Infrastructure and Indicators of Healthcare in the Caribbean Report

Created by healthcare experts at Medical Tourism Training Inc. and Stackpole & Associates, Inc., Infrastructure and Indicators of Healthcare in the Caribbean Report is the first report to provide a comprehensive and detailed comparison of healthcare infrastructures and related information in the Caribbean. The 300+ page report contains information about the 26 islands including maps, tables, charts and analysis; making it a useful, easy to use resource.

The report details the types and locations of healthcare providers in the 26 Caribbean Islands, whilst also providing a thorough analysis of the economic and demographic data directly impacting the region's health care services. Created to assist in policy development and resource allocation in healthcare, it can also be used for capital investment, decision-makers, human resources and deployment and strategic planning. The report is also useful for improving access to healthcare services for the local population and international patients. The study portrays the comparative areas of excellence in the region, as well as identifying gaps in healthcare delivery.

As a milestone achievement of international healthcare research, the report is beneficial for governments, nongovernmental organisations, agencies working in the region, consultants and private enterprises. The report demonstrates the diverse range of services that are available in the Caribbean, whilst highlighting the gaps and providing opportunities for the improvement of healthcare services for local populations and attracting medical travellers.

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