Medical Tourism Climate Survey 2016


Report summary

Much is said and written about the size of the market, about the exponential growth and how “global healthcare” is going to transform the world. But there is often little hard fact, and very few statistics to support what is claimed.

The Medical Tourism Climate Survey 2016 is undertaken by the International Medical Travel Journal, in cooperation with the International Medical Travel Exhibition and Conference (IMTEC 2016) run by Informa Life Sciences. We canvassed the views of over 160 clinics, hospitals and medical tourism businesses in 27 countries about the current market for medical tourism and their expectations for the future.

The report highlights the continuing widespread optimism about the future of medical tourism, with travel for cancer treatment and cosmetic surgery expected to be the biggest growth areas. The results suggest that not only is the market currently growing but that it will continue to do so for the next five years or more.

Key findings

  • 64.3% of clinics, hospitals and medical tourism agencies reported growth in international patient numbers over the last 12 months. 20.3% saw no increase and 15.3% experienced a decline.
  • 82.4% expect their international patient numbers to grow over the next 12 months.
  • When asked to name the most popular destinations, in terms of patient numbers, the respondents selected India, Thailand and the USA.
  • Over 48.5% expect annual growth of more than 10% pa in the medical tourism market over the next five years.
  • The greatest increase in international patient numbers over the next 5 years is expected to come from cancer treatment, cosmetic surgery and stem cell treatments.
  • When asked to name the leading destinations in terms of quality and range of services provided to international patients, the respondents ranked the USA, India and Germany. These are followed by Singapore, Thailand, Turkey and Malaysia. 

Report contents

  • Introduction
  • Methodology
  • About the respondents and their organisation
  • The current international patient market
  • The international patient market in the future
  • Impact of political changes
  • International research panel
  • Services offered by providers
  • The medical tourism business of the providers
  • Marketing to medical tourists
  • Appendix: Results in detail

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