Organizing Medical Tourism Site Inspections for Self-insured Employers


Authored by Maria K Todd, this handbook is the first in a series of books published to help hospital and clinic managers develop an exceptional and differentiated health tourism approach, tactics and business rules to successfully gain worthwhile contacts and build healthy new third-party payer relationships with group health service buyers.

Within this hand book, Todd shares insights and lessons she has learned from touring thousands of healthcare facilities in over 100 countries, and calls upon 3 decade’s worth of hands on experience in the healthcare industry.

Throughout this book, Todd outlines ways for hospitals and clinics to fill the gaps in their understanding with a clear path and step by step guidance about how to structure tours and site visits for journalists, referral partners and group health buyers, including; what to show, how to show it, what to say and what not to say.

This is Maria K Todd’s fifth internationally published “how to” book on medical tourism business development.

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  • Book

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  • Author: Maria Todd
  • Publisher:Global Health Sources
  • Country: USA


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