Private Healthcare Self Pay UK Market Report – 1st Edition


Improve your understanding of the UK self pay market

The Private Healthcare Self Pay UK market report provides an objective and independent view of the size and nature of the market. It informs your strategy, helps you to achieve a better return on your investment in the self pay market and enables healthcare providers to benchmark their self pay pricing models.

Faced with a private medical insurance market that is at best static, healthcare providers are seeking growth from self pay, within both the UK and international markets.

Reductions in NHS funding and lengthening waiting lists are driving a market (including cosmetic surgery) that accounted for over £1 billion of revenue in 2017.

All the major UK hospital groups continue to report growth in self-pay patients, and as a result are marketing and developing their self-pay offering.

The report analyses the current market offering, examines historic growth and looks ahead to the likely changes in the coming years. It breaks activity down into insured and non-insured healthcare, reviews the services provided by independent and NHS facilities, and considers the ways in which the marketplace has made itself more open to patients – looking at the major providers "fixed price surgery" schemes and finance plans now available.

The report also includes a unique and comprehensive price comparison of self-pay prices available from the UK’s private healthcare providers, highlighting the wide price differentials that exist. The price comparison tables are an essential tool for any provider reviewing pricing policy for self pay.



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